Workings of a confused mind.

Workings of a confused mind. Some battles they say are meant to be fought alone. Some distances are supposed to be maintained and some ties are meant to be severed. The question doesn’t lie as to who befalls in these categories but as to when that someone needs to be boxed in any of these.When

Untitled. As per norm.

Too many bends on this road. Every curve hits like a lightening bolt . I wonder if i travel alone.. For i regret missing those u turns.. Worse is that helplessness that settles in the depth of my stomach, That unfullfilled desire,that unfurling need The misery of that dependency.. It is that where i lost

Temple of the desi heart. Part 1

                If i have a daughter i would want her to open her eyes in this society only if she befalls all these categories: stark white, tall enough to touch the sky, almond shaped eyes that are before hand trained in the vice of flirting and fluttering, the thinnest

Over a cup of tea. You and Me.

I’m going to let this one remain very simple. You, the reader have a presence at the minute. The one that is essential to the act that im performing.  Let this one be between me and you. Let’s have a conversation. A dialogue; based on nothingness. A light hearted chit chat over a cup of